Without timely intervention – the cycle of domestic violence will continue to inflict havoc upon families, generation after generation. Our mental health initiatives consist of adult’s and children’s therapy, parenting education, life and empowerment skills classes and comprehensive case management. Our therapeutic environment is designed to address the emotional, practical, and social needs of adults & children in our shelter.


Mental health services available to adults at include assessments, referrals, individual/group therapy, substance abuse and mental health counseling/referrals, and parenting groups. Shelter residents are offered weekly individual and group therapy from a licensed mental health therapist to address depression, PTSD, the cycle of violence, family issues of abuse, and red flags of abusive behavior. Survivors from domestic violence situations may experience high levels of depression and PTSD after leaving their abuser, affecting their ability to parent. An outreach therapist also serves survivors in the community who may not need safe shelter.


The outreach program is a vital component of our therapeutic services, especially for those who still live with their abusers. Even those who have managed to leave the relationship can still benefit from counseling, support, and advocacy services. Post-shelter follow-up services can enhance the probability of a survivor’s successful transition to a violence-free lifestyle.