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Access Family Services, Inc. maintains strict confidentiality protocols to protect the certain personal information of a victim of domestic violence.

For any victim service agency or community organization working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, maintaining confidentiality is paramount to preserving the safety, privacy, and trust of those seeking services. When survivors seek services, they take huge personal risks. If an abuser should discover that a victim is seeking services, the abuse could increase in frequency and severity. There can also be potential societal and personal repercussions from being identified as a victim, such as housing or job discrimination. Even without these concerns, the experiences of any survivor are theirs and they should be in complete control over their privacy and who knows their story. For Access Family Services, minimizing these risks to victims is an integral part of providing services to survivors.

Because survivor privacy is so critical to safety, several federal laws include privacy and confidentiality provisions and most states prohibit the disclosure of victim information. As a recipient of federal funds, AFS is required to follow some of the strongest confidentiality obligations that exist in the country.  
Our Case Managers and Domestic Violence Advocates maintain the strictest level of due diligence to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the domestic violence victims and families we serve.

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